Moscow VPTC was established in January 2001 as an informal, non-profit organization whose objective was to unite virtual pilots of the Moscow region. VPTC goal was to organize joint virtual missions through local area networks (LAN) of the capital’s game clubs using the Flanker 2.5 flight simulator. Flanker 2.5 allowed players to fly modern, Russian combat aircraft such as the Su-27, Su-33 and MiG-29K.

VPTC command staff developed and implemented their own flight training syllabus based on the methods established by real world flying schools and air combat units of Russian Air Force. This has allowed virtual pilots to effectively prepare for missions without any prior knowledge of combat aviation.

Over a three year period, the center has successfully trained virtual pilots and has taken part in three All-Russian Flanker 2.5 Championships. During these competitions, they earned convincing victories and garnered the majority of nominations.


A pilot group was created on the basis of VPTC. This group performs air show-type flights, similar to those performed by real aerobatic groups of the Russian Air Force like the “Russian Knights” and the “Swifts.” The VPTC squadron has performed shows at the Moscow Aviation and Space Show MAKS’2003; the opening ceremony of Russian Computer Sports Cup; the Aviation Simulators Chkalov Cup held within the framework of the 1st Festival of Pilot Groups 2004; and other events.

Today, VPTC is mastering a new combat aviation simulator, Lock On: Modern Air Combat, which is a continuation of the legendary Flanker PC-simulators. Discover more